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The Bolt-10X24.5X17 (#SU003-02143) is a crucial component in the Drive-Chassis Torque Converter, Front Oil Pump & Chain (Automatic Transmission) system and the Engine-Fuel Crankshaft & Piston system for Toyota vehicles. This bolt's primary role is to securely fasten other parts, ensuring stability and smooth operation. When in operation, it works in tandem with other components, holding them firmly together to withstand vibrations and pressure. Using genuine Toyota parts like the Bolt-10X24.5X17 (#SU003-02143) aids in vehicle compatibility, optimizing the performance of the system. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs these genuine parts. Periodic replacement of this bolt is necessary. Over time, it can wear and lose its integrity, causing parts to loosen and potentially fail, resulting in decreased system efficiency. In essence, the Bolt-10X24.5X17 (#SU003-02143) contributes to the overall safety of the system it forms part of, holding parts securely in place and ensuring optimal performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number SU003-02143

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