Quarter Panel Emblem Assembly

About this product

The Quarter Panel Emblem Assembly (#75370-60020), a pivotal body part under the Emblem & Name Plate system, plays a significant role in displaying the vehicle's identity and authenticity. Aesthetically crafted, this assembly becomes a testament to Toyota's brand image, making it an essential piece of the vehicle's exterior design. As it is exposed to external elements, it may fade or corrode over time, necessitating replacement. Negligence could lead to tarnishing the vehicle's overall appearance. Toyota's genuine parts are the key to matchless compatibility, and this quarter panel emblem is no exception. Opting for genuine Toyota parts, such as the Quarter Panel Emblem Assembly (#75370-60020), offers the peace of mind that comes from the Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In totality, this emblem contributes to the aesthetic appeal and brand recognition of the vehicle, enhancing its overall value and authenticity.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 75370-90A02;75370-90A00
Part Number 75370-60020

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