Hood Emblem

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The Hood Emblem (#75331-17H90), a key component in Toyota's Emblem & Name Plate (Exterior & Interior) system, serves a dual purpose. Primarily, it signifies brand identity, enhancing the vehicle's aesthetic appeal. It also aids in vehicle compatibility, especially when using genuine Toyota parts, as it authenticates the make and model of the vehicle. This emblem, while not directly involved in vehicle operation, can wear out or become damaged over time. This may present an inaccurate representation of the brand, potentially affecting the vehicle's resale value. Genuine Toyota Hood Emblem (#75331-17H90)s are supported by Toyota's authentic parts warranty, making replacement a hassle-free process. The Hood Emblem (#75331-17H90) doesn't directly contribute to the vehicle's efficiency or safety. However, it maintains the overall aesthetic integrity of the vehicle, which indirectly influences user satisfaction and pride of ownership.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 75331-17010
Part Number 75331-17H90

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