Air Cleaner Cap Gasket

About this product

The Air Cleaner Cap Gasket (#17845-24010), a crucial Engine-Fuel component in the Air Cleaner system of your Toyota vehicle, primarily serves to seal the air cleaner assembly. It functions to prevent unfiltered air from entering the engine, thus safeguarding the engine from harmful debris and dust particles. As with most parts, the Air Cleaner Cap Gasket (#17845-24010) needs periodic replacement due to wear and tear over time. Neglecting to replace a worn-out gasket might lead to the engine drawing in unfiltered air, which can result in potentially costly engine damage. Genuine replacement parts are recommended to maintain vehicle compatibility, and Toyota backs these parts with its genuine parts warranty. In the broader context, the Air Cleaner Cap Gasket (#17845-24010) contributes significantly to the overall system’s efficiency and safety by providing a crucial barrier against potentially damaging particulates. This helps maintain the longevity and performance of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17845-24010

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