Oil Level Gauge Guide

About this product

The Oil Level Gauge Guide (#11452-15010), a critical component in Toyota's Cylinder Block system, serves to accurately measure the oil level in the engine. This Engine-Fuel part guides the dipstick to the correct spot in the oil pan, allowing for precise readings. Utilizing genuine Toyota parts like this one ensures compatible fit and optimal performance. Genuine parts are also backed by Toyota's comprehensive parts warranty. Failure to periodically replace this part can lead to inaccurate oil level readings. This could potentially result in insufficient or excess oil in the engine, causing premature engine wear or even catastrophic failure. By maintaining an accurate oil level, the Oil Level Gauge Guide (#11452-15010) indirectly contributes to the cooling and lubrication of the engine, enhancing its overall efficiency and extending its lifespan.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 11452-15010

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