Lens & Body Compl

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The Lens & Body Compl (#SU003-02536), a key component in the Front Turn Signal Lamp system of Toyota vehicles, plays a significant role in ensuring effective communication on the road. This electrical part is designed to house and protect the bulb that illuminates the turn signals, contributing to other motorists' awareness of the vehicle's directional intentions. As with all genuine Toyota parts, the Lens & Body Compl (#SU003-02536) is designed for optimal compatibility with your vehicle, and comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, this critical component can degrade over time, especially under harsh environmental conditions. An old or damaged Lens & Body Compl (#SU003-02536) may reduce the visibility of the turn signals, compromising safety by hindering clear communication with other road users. Thus, the Lens & Body Compl (#SU003-02536) not only maintains the efficiency of the turn signal system but also enhances safety by facilitating clear signalling of the vehicle's movements.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number SU003-02536

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