Fuel Tank Outer Filler Pipe Packing

About this product

The Fuel Tank Outer Filler Pipe Packing (#77293-60030), a critical part of the Fuel Tank & Tube system, is designed to provide a secure seal around the fuel filler pipe, preventing any fuel leakage during refuelling. This Toyota Autopart works in unison with the fuel filler pipe and fuel tank, effectively sealing the connection between these components. Over time, the Fuel Tank Outer Filler Pipe Packing (#77293-60030) may deteriorate or become damaged, which could cause fuel leaks and affect the efficiency of fuel consumption. Hence, periodic replacement is necessary to maintain the functionality and safety of the fuel system. Genuine Toyota Autoparts are recommended for optimal compatibility with your vehicle. These genuine parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing peace of mind alongside superior performance. By maintaining the integrity of the fuel tank & tube system, a properly functioning Fuel Tank Outer Filler Pipe Packing (#77293-60030) significantly contributes to the overall safety and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 77293-60030

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