Pad (Sport)

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The Pad (Sport) (#SU003-00971) is an integral auto part in the Drive-Chassis Brake Pedal & Bracket and the Drive-Chassis Clutch Pedal & Flexible Hose systems of Toyota vehicles. Its primary role is to reduce friction and provide cushioning during the operation of these systems. Genuine parts like the Pad (Sport) (#SU003-00971) are essential for vehicle compatibility and Toyota backs these parts with its genuine parts warranty. Over time, the Pad (Sport) (#SU003-00971) can become worn, which can compromise the function of the systems it is a part of. This can lead to increased friction, higher wear and tear, and potentially, system failure. Therefore, regular replacement of this part is necessary. A functional Pad (Sport) (#SU003-00971) contributes to system efficiency and safety by ensuring smooth operation and preventing potential damage to other components.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number SU003-00971

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