Package Tray Trim Panel Assembly

About this product

The Package Tray Trim Panel Assembly (#64330-1A120-04), a crucial body part under Toyota's Package Tray Panel & Luggage Compartment Mat system, primarily serves as a cover and support for items in the trunk. In operation, it functionally separates the trunk from the cabin, while offering a sturdy base to hold luggage or other items securely. This genuine Toyota Autopart, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, ensures compatibility and optimal performance. However, over time, the Package Tray Trim Panel Assembly (#64330-1A120-04) may suffer from wear and tear or damage due to heavy or sharp objects, which could compromise the part's overall structural integrity. If left unchecked and not replaced, the damaged or worn-out part could potentially lead to items in the trunk shifting or falling, causing unnecessary distraction or possibly even injury. By maintaining this part in good working condition, it contributes significantly to the safety and efficiency of the overall vehicle system. It aids in keeping the trunk organized, reducing driver distractions while enhancing overall vehicle safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 64330-1A110-04
Part Number 64330-1A120-04

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