Protector-Int Manifold

About this product

The Toyota Protector-Int Manifold (#SU003-06789), a crucial Engine-Fuel part within the Manifold system, serves a primary role of protecting the integral parts of the engine from debris. This genuine Toyota part aids in maintaining optimum vehicle compatibility. During operation, the Protector-Int Manifold (#SU003-06789) shields the engine components from dust, grime or any damaging particles, thus preserving the performance and life of the engine. Naturally, with time, this part may become worn out or clogged, necessitating its periodic replacement. Neglecting to replace an old or non-functional Protector-Int Manifold (#SU003-06789) can lead to potential engine damage, decreased performance, and compromised safety. Remember, using genuine parts from Toyota not only ensures perfect fit and function, but they are also backed by Toyota's comprehensive parts warranty. Thus, the Protector-Int Manifold (#SU003-06789) significantly contributes to the efficiency and safety of the engine system, making it a vital part of your vehicle's upkeep.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number SU003-06789

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