Tail Gate Female Retainer

About this product

The Tail Gate Female Retainer (#65577-95012), a vital component in the Rear Body Side Panel system, primarily connects and secures the vehicle's tailgate to the body of the car. As part of its operation, it collaborates with the male retainer to hold the tailgate securely in place, thereby preventing unwanted motion or rattling. Over time, exposure to continuous stress and harsh weather conditions can degrade this auto part, potentially leading to a loose or unstable tailgate. Replacing the retainer with a genuine Toyota part can mitigate these risks, ensuring compatibility with your specific vehicle model. Genuine Toyota parts also come with a reliable parts warranty. If the Tail Gate Female Retainer (#65577-95012) falls into disrepair, the tailgate may not close securely, posing a safety risk. By maintaining this component's optimal functionality, you enhance the security and efficiency of your vehicle's Rear Body Side Panel system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 65577-95012

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