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The Seat (#22369-54010), a significant component in the Injection Pump Body system, is a part of the Engine-Fuel category in Toyota vehicles. This component has a primary role in regulating fuel flow and pressure within the injection system, aiding in efficient combustion. Genuine Toyota parts like the Seat (#22369-54010) are essential for vehicle compatibility, offering seamless integration and optimal performance backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. When aged or clogged, the Seat (#22369-54010) may fail to control fuel flow correctly, leading to inefficient combustion, reduced power, and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, periodic replacement is vital to prevent performance issues or potential system damage. By maintaining the Seat (#22369-54010) in good working condition, you uphold the overall efficiency of the Injection Pump Body system, contributing to fuel efficiency and vehicle performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 22369-54010

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