Speed Sensor

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The Speed Sensor (#SU003-10716), an integral component of the Overdrive & Electronic Controlled Transmission system in Toyota vehicles, plays a vital role in monitoring the speed of your vehicle and transmitting this data to the car's engine control module. As the vehicle operates, this electrical part is constantly relaying information, which is crucial for the optimal functioning of the transmission system and efficient fuel consumption. As with any other auto part, the Speed Sensor (#SU003-10716) can wear out over time. If it becomes old, clogged, or non-functional, it can lead to inaccurate readings, affecting your car's performance and fuel efficiency. Using genuine Toyota parts like our Speed Sensor (#SU003-10716) not only ensures compatibility with your vehicle but also provides you with the peace of mind of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Speed Sensor (#SU003-10716)'s role in the overall transmission system contributes significantly to the efficiency and safety of your vehicle's operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number SU003-10716

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