Select Lever Shaft

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The Select Lever Shaft (#SU003-10748), a crucial Drive-Chassis part in the Gear Shift Fork & Lever Shaft (Mtm) system, serves a primary role in ensuring the proper function of your Toyota vehicle's transmission. In action, it aids in smoothly transitioning between gears, working alongside other components within the system. This auto part's functionality can decrease over time, and a worn or damaged Select Lever Shaft (#SU003-10748) can make gear shifting difficult, potentially leading to transmission damage. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is paramount. Genuine parts not only offer optimal compatibility but are also endorsed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The efficient functioning of the Select Lever Shaft (#SU003-10748) is critical to the vehicle's overall performance, as it not only ensures smooth gear transitions but also helps in maintaining the longevity of the transmission system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number SU003-10748

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