Fuel Emission Tube #1

About this product

The Fuel Emission Tube #1 (#77261-42130), a key body part of the Fuel Tank & Tube system in any Toyota vehicle, plays an essential role in managing and minimizing harmful emissions. This tube transports fuel vapors from the tank to the engine, where they are then burned off, resulting in reduced emissions. If the Fuel Emission Tube #1 (#77261-42130) becomes old or clogged, it can hinder this process, leading to increased emissions and possible engine damage. Therefore, it's vital to replace the tube periodically with genuine Toyota parts to maintain compatibility and performance. All genuine parts are also protected by Toyota's parts warranty. By efficiently managing fuel vapors, the Fuel Emission Tube #1 (#77261-42130) not only helps ensure the system's overall efficiency but also contributes significantly to the vehicle's environmental sustainability.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 77261-0R160
Part Number 77261-42130

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